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Video Home Tours REALLY are affordable

I am on a mission to dispel every rumor that video is too expensive to implement in the real estate industry.  Back in February, Reel Productions TV decided to offer a monthly special for video home tours.  The response was overwhelming so we decided to keep it around for a while to enable agents/brokers to get more video on their site.  

Check out a sample of one of our video home tours: 

Our special rate of $199 includes full motion video of the home, a customized script, professional voiceover, custom graphics (if desired...some agents, like Lane Bailey's above, wanted to keep it brand-free so he could post it on the MLS) and embed code.

Consumers are looking for unique ways to make their home stand out from the crowd and they are expecting their real estate agent to have the answers.  Think about showing this the next time you head to a listing and you will be, hands down, in front of the competition.  Truth be know, only about 5-percent of real estate agents/brokers are currently using video.  Get noticed! 


Comment balloon 8 commentsTara Jones- Atlanta • May 28 2009 11:41AM


We are seeing very competitive rates for video tours in our area...lack of demand and more competition really drives fees down!

Posted by Michael A. Caruso (Surterre Properties) about 11 years ago

Movie tours are so passive and discriminating against the left brain analytical types who prefer floor plans and interactivity I believe the longer a buyer stays online and interacts on a tour the more likely they will remeber me as their Realtor! Online buyers want something different instead of being forced to watch a movie from start to finish with music. (my opinion of what works for me)

Everyone has either a video or visual spining room these days.

I highly recommend you see OpenHomes247.com technology and compare the branding time or lenght of time watching a movie and interacting in a virtual open house with floor plans, panoramas and more.



Posted by Acai Berry Select (Acai Berry Select) about 11 years ago

Michael-  The reason our fees are so reasonable is because the demand is high in our area and honestly, nationwide.  More and more agents are realizing that consumers want this as part of their listing so we are doing more than ever before. 

Peter-  Video home tours enable consumers, especially those from a different area, to get an in-depth look at a home as if they were touring it themselves. Chaptering tools and a sliding bar at the bottom allow viewers to watch as much as they would like at a pace they desire.  Online video marketing is infiltrating every aspect of the web showing its dominance in just about every area of global business...real estate included.  

Posted by Tara Jones- Atlanta, GA (Reel Productions TV- Real Estate Video ) about 11 years ago

Peter - I use interactive floor plans, video, photos, local information, panoramas and a load of other tools.  The point is that different people react to different things.  It is just another tool.  In this market... we NEED the tools. 

Posted by Lane Bailey, Realtor & Car Guy (Century 21 Results Realty) about 11 years ago

Agreed, Lane.  I think the more tools you have in your tool box, the better prepared you are to land the client.  And I think video is like the screwdriver...your tool box wouldn't be complete without it ;-) 

BTW, Peter-  I checked out your services and the floor plans look great

Posted by Tara Jones- Atlanta, GA (Reel Productions TV- Real Estate Video ) about 11 years ago


I checked out OpenHomes247, and was completely unimpressed.  The example players took a ridiculous amount of time to load, and after all that time, all it had was a floor plan and some stills?!  As far as your assertion that "the longer the buyer stays..."  has some merit.  However, in the case of this service, I wanted to move on before it even loaded!

The beauty of video, is that you can embed it into a webpage.  Which means you can have the video on the one side, floor plans next to it and a google map as well, and it wouldn't take nearly as long to load.  Furthermore, with a video, you could appear on-screen and talk to the potential buyers, which gives you face time, and would be far more effective than hoping they just see yopur image on the side.

On another note, maybe it's just me, but having a floorplan doesn't really help me much, I want to see the actual walls and doors and how it flows together, etc.

Posted by Ray Lane (OpenHouseHD) about 11 years ago


I think you are seeing competitive rates, because video pros are realizing that they can't gauge people anymore (I am a video pro, so I can say that).  Thisnk about this, if I can do 3-4 tours per day at $200 per video, thats $600-800 per day.  Multiply that by 5-6 days a week and we are talking some pretty good money, especially when many of the pros are one-man shops, with minimal costs involved.  

While I think video is far superior to virtual tours (when's the last time you saw a virtual tour of a business during a commercial break?), I think they can be done for a similar price, which only provides better value.  The problem is, some don't want to be bothered.  I spoke to a broker who uses a VT company that costs about the same, and even has a monthly fee.  He LOVED the videos, but didn't want to change, because he 'had a system in place'.  Thats kind of like saying, "The supermarket on the right side of the street has better products, is friendlier, and has cheap prices, but I only like to turn left.

Posted by Ray Lane (OpenHouseHD) about 11 years ago

I would not get too upset about trying to sell everyone, Tara. Some agents obviously have their regular clientele and need no more than several thousand dollars' worth of print advertising contracts a year (and some per month). They will go the way of old Bank managers and VPs who couldn't get over having the manual cash register taken away from them. They probably don't even carry cellphones. It's amazing they log onto Active Rain. Now they will be insulted potential prospects... but after poo-poo'ing a fellow industry businessperson, their shoe fits.

"We are seeing very competitive rates... lack of demand,,, really drives down fees!" You are a creep and I hope to see homesellers and buyers feeling the same way about your commission.

This is a market I seldom service for their lack of integrity (and creep factor). But I will be standing by if and when the demand goes up. I ain't stupid.



Posted by Don't shoot the messenger about 11 years ago

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