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The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 2


The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 2 



So now that you have the stats on why video is important and how it will help your business, now let’s talk practical implementation.  


Video does not and should not be expensive.  The whole point is to fertilize your site with video to help in the SEO results, provide content for consumers and show that you are up on the changing technological times, therefore, giving the perception of being tech savvy...something consumers are actively searching for in their real estate agents. 


Coldwell Banker recently did it on the national level with Coldwell Banker On Location by hiring out several productions companies as well as asking agents to provide content themselves.  Their work earned them a Inman Innovator nomination as well as recent accolades from Greg Jarboe, author of “You Tube and Video Marketing”. 


The point is, when you implement video, you get noticed.  


Doing it Yourself: 

Video can easily be done yourself cost effectively and with an air of professionalism.  Last year, we did an eight part video tutorial on how to shoot, edit, upload and distribute your video exclusively for Active Rain members. It is still posted in my blog archives and contains great information on producing top-notch real estate video yourself.  


You can also have professionals, like ourselves and other throughout the country, come in and teach agents how to use video.  This class is normally a nominal charge per agent and provides golden information on shooting, editing and uploading video. 


Hiring a Professional: 

Due to the demand of real estate video, hundreds of businesses have popped up specializing in this area.  Some are better than others and we’ll let each agent come to their own conclusion.  But what you should know is that the cost should not rake you over the coals.  


On the surface, video appears to be an expensive marketing tool.  But the ‘legs’ it provides reaches far beyond any other form of medium making it the most cost effective tool you can own.  Print marketing has it’s place but it can only be used in that way.  Video can transformed to be on your website, on other company’s websites, in an e-mail, in a blog, on Facebook, in links on Twitter and LinkedIn, in a marketing report, on television, etc.  So look at the benefit compared to the cost and I think you will realize video is the best option out there when speaking of marketing, especially on the web.  


Different forms of video content: 

There are a number of things you can add on your site.  The most common:


A video home tour


But think outside the box with a community profile, agent/broker profile, marketing report, consumer tips, video business cards, etc. Maybe show consumers what you do on a typical Saturday or work day.  Take them inside your world so they get a better understanding of who you are and why you are the best choice for their business.  


Remember, video does much more than improve your SEO results.  It shows the consumer you are an agent who is current in the marketing of today.  And that consumer perception is invaluable to your business.


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The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 2
The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 2 -Implementation- So now that you have the stats on why video is important and how it will help your business, now let’s talk practical implementation. Video… more